Reading Eye Glasses and Frames in Metro Manila
FREE eye examination and consultation. This is not limited to Visual Acuity examinations. Patients also undergo subjective and objective examinations like Cataract Screening, Slit lamp examination,Retinoscopy, Ophthalmoscopy, Tonometry, Comprehensive Refraction with aid of Projector Snellen Chart, Astigmatism Chart, Computerized Auto-Refractometer, and Keratometer.

„Ophthalmology cases are referred to our in house Ophthalmologist

– Dr. Emmanuel F. Abesamis, M.D.

„We carry wide selection of frames from branded signatures to generics, whichever would fit your budget.

We offer up-to-date ophthalmic single vision lens, bifocals, progressives, Transitions.

Protective and industrial safety glasses and goggles, soft, hard and cosmetic contact lenses.

„We give FREE optical services on minor repair such as frame adjustments, screws, nose pads and frame cleaning.
All our works are guaranteed.
Colored Contact Lenses and Solutions in Metro Manila